Representative Wins!

Many of our proposals are considered company confidential, so we are not able to brag about their success.

The following are a few representative wins within the last few years to provide some insight into some of our proposal success stories. more >

Why Outsource Your Proposal Support

We are frequently asked:  Why do companies outsource their proposal support? There are many possible reasons why a company will outsource proposal support; the following are just a few.

The proposal effort requires someone with experience:

·     Managing a large team or RFP. Many times an internal proposal manager will have competing demands on his/her time. An outsourced proposal manager dedicated to a particular opportunity can provide the focus required to ensure problems do not occur.


·     Managing a diverse team of companies. For example – one client hired us to manage a large RFP that required them to partner with five other companies. None of the companies had managed such a large opportunity on their own and it was the first time they had worked together. By bringing us in – they had an independent manager to keep the effort on track. more >